The day Justin Moore got married to his wife Kate in 2007, he didn't just sign his marriage license; he also signed a record label contract.

Ever since, it's been a fast ride to the top for the two, who met as teenagers on their senior trip vacation in Panama City Beach, Fla. At a campfire, while enjoying s'mores and spirits, Kate stole his heart by wearing a black-and-white floral dress that she still has (her husband won't let her get rid of it).

“We were the ones who weren’t acting all crazy and the fool. We were cleaning up our drunk friends,” Justin Moore says. “It’s kind of cheesy, but we just sat around and talked and hung out. We’ve been together ever since."

The circumstances of the couple's wedding day were unique -- and Moore admits he doesn't know that his wife knows how everything went down. It started with the "Point at You" singer getting into trouble the night before the big day.

“I came in drunk the night before, crawled through my window, and my two dogs got out," he admits. "I spent my whole wedding day searching for my two dogs. I nearly didn’t even make it to the wedding."

Thankfully, he made it to the wedding and said "I do" to his bride before heading to the reception -- and that's when something else happened ... but this time, it was good news. The country singer had been waiting on a record deal with Big Machine Label Group, and when it finally all got worked out, his manager walked up right before the couple cut the cake, saying, "Sign this right now!"

"It was a whirlwind of emotion," Moore adds. "I mean, getting married, signing my record deal the same day. It’s funny, the day you get married, you don’t even remember anything. So then I get there and sign my record deal, and three months after that, we’re on tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hank Williams Jr."

Luckily, his wife rolled with the punches, and the couple now has three daughters, Ella Kole, Kennedy Faye and Rebecca Klein, as well as a son named Thomas South.

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