Mr. Wagner was the south's most notorious gunman, & tomorrow (Saturday) morning on Puffman Sports Trivia, I'll have the book, "Sage of Kinnie Wagner," up for grabs! The wayward Wagner began his career as a circus star & sharpshooter, a skill that would serve him well in his latest career as an outlaw. From there, the wily Wagner descended into a life of crime that included more than a few run-ins with law enforcement. His long career including bootlegging, thieving, & murdering. I was relieved to read that the man didn't try radio broadcasting! The 1st caller in at 7:30 with the correct answer to my sports trivia question (supplied by Jerry-The-Barber) WINS this riveting read by author Larry L. Massey. Check the book out from Pelican Publishing Company (,) & then listen to WIN Saturday morning, 7:30, on Puffman Sports Trivia!

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