The National Weather Service has released its report of total precipitation recorded during the month of June at its cooperative reporting stations across the state of Montana, and it will be no surprise that most of the Golden Triangle saw more rain than normal.

"Normal" is defined as the average for the month of June during the 30-year period from 1981 through 2010.

Worth noting:

  • Gibson Dam reported over 8" of rain in June, and portions of Teton, Cascade and Lewis & Clark Counties that experienced flooding also got far more rain than normal.
  • Several stations along and north of US Highway 2 reported below average rainfall.
  • But for the storm on June 23 that dropped 2.16" in 5 hours, Shelby would have been a bit below average for the month.
Station LocationJune 2018Average % of Ave
Bynum 4SSE3.18”2.67”119%
Brady 27ENE3.29”2.36”139%
Cut Bank Airport1.74”2.55”68%
Dunkirk 19NNE3.37”2.52”134%
East Glacier3.14”3.30”95%
Fort Benton3.03”2.30”132%
Galata 16SSW2.97”2.54”117%
Gibson Dam8.19”2.92”280%
Gold Butte 7N4.22”3.01”140%
Great Falls - NWS Office3.79”2.57”147%
Havre Airport1.32”2.19”60%
Hingham 12N2.06”2.18”94%
Loma 1WNW3.51”2.29”153%
Rogers Pass 9NNE5.51”2.62”210%
Rudyard 19S3.68”2.33”158%
Rudyard 21N1.93”2.26”85%
Shelby - KSEN Studio4.72”2.66”177%
Sun River 4S5.08”2.41”211%



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