John Cena is a WWE wrestler. He's a rapper. He's an actor. He's even a reality TV show host. Despite all that, there's one thing that many people may know him better for. No, we're not talking about being mistaken for Mark Wahlberg; we're talking about the unexpected John Cena meme.

You know what it is. It's the one where during a completely unrelated video or story all of a sudden it's interrupted by the theme music for John Cena. Even if you've seen it a million times, it's still always funny.

John Cena is a good sport about it. This has never been more clear than in this video. Cena teamed up with Cricket Wireless to bring the meme to real life!

Watch as some of his fans think they are auditioning for a commercial about the WWE star when suddenly the real John Cena burst through the background, complete with trumpets blaring the theme music.

Some of the reactions are pretty hilarious. If you want to see more about what went into it, check out this behind the scenes video.

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