Country fans nationwide have lived Thomas Rhett and Morgan Wallen's "Mamaw's House" lyrics.

The two hitmakers reflect on growing up in the South with a strong grandmother to learn from. Details like the age of her car and smell of cigarette smoke indoors make us all feel young again, while the chorus sends a lesson forward to the next generation.

Credit Chase McGill and Matt Dragstrem for helping Wallen and Rhett write the lyrics to "Mamaw's House," Rhett's new song from his 20 No. 1 Hits compilation album. Songs about grandparents — while almost always effective — are not just another country trope, thus making each one feel special.

Rhett is quietly riding a nice wave at country radio with "Angels" and "Half of Me" both hitting No. 1. Should his label choose to send this one to radio next, it's likely to follow.

Thomas Rhett + Morgan Wallen's "Mamaw's House" Lyrics:

Morgan Wallen
It was always hotter than the grease she used to fry that chicken / Smelled like Marlboro Reds and all the butter from her biscuits / And that Lincoln in the driveway, circa 1982 / Was on the shiny side of rusty and on the pale side of blue / Cussin' and complainin' weren't allowed / At Mamaw's house.

Chorus (Wallen):
If every nightstand had a Bible, every front porch had a swing / If every backyard had a garden, every front door had a screen / Well, maybe this crazy world would straighten up and slow on down / If every town had a Mamaw's house.

Thomas Rhett:
She'd ask if I was hungry every 30 seconds / And say things like hellfire, tarnation, and I reckon's / It's where I spent my summers and she put me to work / Shellin' peas and shuckin' corn until my fingers hurt / No tellin' who I'da been without Mamaw's house.

Repeat Chorus (Rhett)

Wallen and Rhett:
Yeah, and if they did, when I punched the clock / Tonight, I know right where I'd be / I'd walk in and get a big old hug / And a bigger glass of tea.

Repeat Chorus (Both)

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