Luke Bryan's youngest son, 13-year-old Tate, is keeping his priorities straight after a fishing accident landed him in the ER.

Much like his country superstar dad, Tate is an outdoor enthusiast, and he knows that a few bumps, bruises and injuries are all part of the experience of living the country lifestyle. So the young boy put on a brave face when a fishing hook to the knee landed him in the emergency room recently, according to a social media post from his mom, Caroline Bryan.

"How ya feeling?" Caroline asks her son at the beginning of the social media post, pointing the camera towards the hook embedded in her son's knee.

"I at least caught the trout," Tate replies.

"Another fish hook ER visit...but he wanted Luke to know that he still caught the fish!" Caroline wrote in the caption. The singer's wife has plenty of experience with fishing trips and the mishaps they bring, so she wasn't particularly flustered by Tate's injury -- though she did regret having to cut her son's new pants off in order to get to the hook.

In fact, this kind of injury is so common for the Bryan family that the singer and his wife co-starred in an ad spot for the Tennessee-based Williamson Medical Center earlier this year. In the clip, they advertised the facility's newly-opened emergency room with a story line in which Caroline takes Bryan to the ER with -- you guessed it -- a fishing hook injury.

This weekend, in real life, Caroline took her son to the same hospital, for more or less the exact same injury. The only difference? Unlike in the commercial the Bryans did, NASCAR-driver-turned-broadcaster Darrell Waltrip (probably) wasn't riding shotgun on the way to the hospital.

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