If Kelsea Ballerini's goin' down -- well, we might just stand back and keep a safe distance. At first glance, it looks like the video she posted to social media on Sunday (Sept. 10) shows her nearly tumbling off a balcony and down a steep, tree-filled incline that leads down to the water.

Ballerini was celebrating her 30th birthday a little early this weekend, taking a dreamy, water-front getaway with some friends. This trip had it all: Delicious food, stunning view, luxurious swimming pools and even a custom-designed t-shirt with a collage of photos of the singer through the years.

But the most eye-popping moment from the trip was the video where she appears to nearly plunge to her death after slipping and falling on the back balcony. Security camera footage caught the whole thing, as Ballerini walks out onto the deck, then trips on something and goes flying, ultimately landing on her back on the very edge of the balcony.

It's not quite as scary as it looks. Squint at the video and you'll see a clear barrier between the balcony and the steep drop below, meaning that Ballerini was never really in any danger of rolling off the ledge. Even her phone, which flew out of her hand during the fall, went nowhere near the top of the barrier.

In fact, the fall was so safe that Ballerini poked fun at the moment, replaying the fall over and over to the beat of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl."

Earlier this summer, Ballerini's friend and fellow country star Carly Pearce gave one of her own falls the same treatment, setting a particularly epic and clearly-captured stage tumble to "Hollaback Girl" and posting the moment on social media.

Ballerini's 30th birthday celebration was a few days ahead of the actual day: She turns 30 years old on Sept. 12, which falls on a Tuesday this year. But the singer won't be able to celebrate that night: She'll be making her debut as a performer on the 2023 VMAs.

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