Jelly Roll's wife, Bunnie Xo, is currently supporting her father Bill through Stage 4 cancer — and he's facing a difficult prognosis, she shared in her latest update.

"Today was the day we were holding out hope for," Bunnie explains in a video post to social media, showing footage of herself and Bill at a doctor's appointment.

As the clip continues, Bill speaks to a doctor about his options.

"The words we were praying to hear never came tho," she continues. "My dad's cancer is 'unusually aggressive.' Meaning no treatments are working or will work."

Against a shot of her dad sitting in his wheelchair, staring out the window of the hospital facility, Bunnie writes that the family plans to make the most of the time they have left together, despite the fact that they were hoping to hear some better news at this appointment.

"Even tho our days are numbered, we're going to make them count. Love you Pops," she says, also writing an emoji of a broken heart.

Bunnie first shared her dad's diagnosis earlier this month, when she announced that she planned to take some time away from Jelly's Backroad Baptism Tour, where she's been a feature so far, even offering her own fan meet-and-greets.

It seems that her father's cancer came as a shock to Bunnie, and she explains that he and his wife had been battling the disease privately for a year already as he tried to heal himself through holistic remedies. But once his condition worsened, he reached out.

"Sadly the cancer has now spread into his bone marrow & his bones are breaking, he can't lift his arms, walk, barely eat & he's in so much pain you can't even hug him," she wrote in that update.

Jelly hasn't commented directly on the situation, but in a tweet on Thursday (Sept. 14), he shared a message of support for Bunnie.

"My wife is a different breed — her spirits and ability to take on life is unmatched," he says.

The Backroad Baptism Tour is set to continue through mid-October.

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