Jordan Davis is counting down the days until he and his wife Kristen welcome baby No. 3.  The new addition to the family is set to arrive this month.

Fortunately for the "Next Thing You Know" star, he's currently on the road with a country star who knows a thing or two about being a dad to multiple kids. Davis is an opening act on Dierks Bentley's Gravel & Gold Tour, which launched in early June.

Backstage at CMA Fest on Thursday night (June 8), Bentley — who's a dad to three children, daughters Evie and Jordan and son Knox — admitted that he's not sure how much advice he has to offer Davis on his growing family.

"Just, 'Hang on and good luck,' I guess, is what it's like," Bentley says with a chuckle. "It's like going back into the dunk tank, anytime one of those things [like the birth of a new baby] comes around."

Speaking of dunk tanks, Bentley says that he and Davis have been having a blast on the Gravel & Gold Tour. After the first weekend of the tour, Bentley shared a roundup of photos, including one of him initiating Davis into his pre-show ritual of sitting in an ice bath.

"I probably say [this] about every tour, but I can't imagine any tour being more fun than this," Bentley relates, pointing out that the diverse lineup — which also includes bluegrass guitar great Molly Tuttle — gives him the chance to celebrate a couple of his favorite different country subgenres.

"I'm out there watching — obviously, and watching the crowd — and some people are going, 'Ok, so I've never heard of this artist,'" Bentley says of the experience of introducing his fans to Tuttle. "But by song three, they're totally in. And I'm so happy for those fans, because they're gonna go home and be like, 'I heard an artist named Molly Tuttle,' and one of their friends is gonna be like, 'You know, she just won a Grammy!'

"And then they see Jordan Davis, they get the straight up red meat [country] that they're wanting, and then I get to go out there. So the tour's never been more fun," Bentley continues.

"There's nobody having more fun than me and my guys," the singer emphasizes. "It's just not possible. We play bluegrass at the Station Inn on Tuesday. We dress up and do the Hot Country Knights on Wednesday. And then we get the chance to perform and host the CMA Fest. It's not possible to have any more fun than we're having."

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