Kanin Johnson from Conrad competed in national punt, pass & kick last February 3rd in Las Vegas and was the boys 6/7 National champion.  He scored a total of 8 points after 5 skill completion: punting, passing, kicking, 40-yard dash and broad jump. Scoring is 1st place is 1 point, second place 2 points, 3rd 3, 4th 4, etc.

Kanin's scores were:

Punting: 59’9” (1st place)

Passing: 65’6” (1st place)

Kicking: 48’9” (2nd place)

40-yard dash: 7.3 seconds (1st place)

Broad jump: 5’6” (3rd place)

Kanin is a 7 year old second grader from Conrad, MT. He is a State Little Guy Champion wrestler for the Conrad Cowboys and plays for the Great Falls Lightning 8u baseball team.  He the son of Colby Johnson and Casey Rasmussen.

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