Frugal Montana's Never Buy These 10 Things

Everything looks good on paper.  The greatest of plans can be laid out and yet they will falter.  Like my finances.  I make plans, a budget, figure out where to cut out the fat and tell myself I will stick to it this time.


But then a new golf club is spotted that needs to be in the bag.  Or I find an amazing design for a new tattoo.  And it all unravels, and I am back at square one again.  How do you enjoy life but yet be frugal?

Are You a Frugal Montanan in Today's Economic Times?

Being frugal is hard.  No two ways about it.  But if you can be, you may be able to set yourself along with your loved ones up for a retirement that you can actually enjoy.  But how do you go about it?

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Silly spending is a killer of any budget.  And anyone that is frugal will tell you that frivolous spending will drain your bank account quickly.  Those items that frugality avoids though are common items we use every day.

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Avoiding These Items Will Help the Bottom Line in Your Account

When shopping, are there certain things that are must have on your shopping list?  If you glance over it quickly, is there anything on it that you really could do without?  Especially that oversize bag of chips?


According to Finance Buzz, frugal people of the world will never ever buy these 10 items.  We've gathered them together for you to check out and maybe you can add to the list.  What items do you avoid in order to save a few bucks each payday?

How To Save: 10 Items That Frugal People Never Purchase When Shopping

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