Thanks to mindless scrolling on social media, I have learned quite a few tricks over the years. I have learned what are called "life hacks," for everything from camping to washing dishes. Time-saving tips and tricks for cooking dinner. Yet, I always get upset when I learn about things that I have been doing wrong my entire life.

For example: The Can Opener:

Did you know that you have been opening cans wrong this entire time? I only found out this late in life that I have been opening cans wrong all along.

@home_reimagined Try this can opener hack that will change the way you cook! How to properly open a can WITHOUT having to stick your hand in to get the top! Instead of placing the can opener on top around the top, place it on the outside and twist. This will effectively open the can AND catch the top for you, so you don’t have to dig you fingers in the food to get the top out anymore! Like & Follow for more cleaning & home hacks. ✨ #cleaningtips #hometips #kitchentips #kitchenhacks #homehacks #lifehacks #canopener #cookinghacks ♬ original sound - Home Reimagined

I just recently learned another trick that will be coming in handy for me. With Spring arriving here in Montana, it is time to start getting the garden ready for business. I always look forward to enjoying fresh fruit and veggies produced in the garden. However, I am disappointed with how fast they lose freshness in the fridge. With summer farmers markets coming soon to Montana, I found a way for you to keep all your yummy goodies fresh for much longer than before.

LIFE HACK: Put Paper Towels in Your Fridge

I always joke about putting a roll of toilet paper in the freezer after eating a particularly spicy meal. But putting paper towels in your fridge is no joke. It could help you keep all the fresh produce a whole lot fresher for a whole lot longer.


According to an article in Readers Digest, Montanans should line the bottom of our crisper every time we bring home fresh produce. Over time the produce releases water which accelerates the decomposition process. By having a dry paper towel in your fridge, it can soak up that moisture before it gets your produce soggy. Just remember to replace the paper towels every time you bring home fresh produce and you should notice a huge difference in freshness.

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