We may not have had much snow this past winter. But, what little snow we did get, will soon be melting. This means the hills will be crawling with people searching for the coveted morel mushroom.

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I love morels. They are more flavorful and earthy than your average mushroom. I love using them for cooking. Whether it be sauteed on a steak or incorporated in a pasta sauce. They are yummy. The only problem is finding them.

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Some mushroom hunters just simply have "the eye" for finding mushrooms. While scanning the forest floor, they blend in fairly well. I tend to worry that I passed up more mushrooms than I found. While others can spot them from 20 yards away.


A new technique for finding morels has surfaced online. A way to use state-of-the-art technology to give you an edge in your mushroom-hunting game. Just recently I stumbled on multiple videos of people using thermal imaging cameras to pick out a morel on the forest floor. The videos claim that the morel mushrooms are typically colder than anything else on the forest floor. Cold enough that the camera can clearly notice the outline of the mushrooms. Making them stand out through the lenses.

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Some people are skeptical that this can be done. They say the mushroom does not get any colder than anything else on the forest floor. So how can thermal imaging pick up on a mushroom?

Have you tried this technique? Does it help, or would you rather just train your eyes to find them?

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