We've all heard that people look like their dogs, but you'd be surprised to find out that people AND their dogs tend to socialize, eat, & learn new skills in very similar ways. Natural Balance Pet Foods partnered up with Learndipity Data insights to conduct a survey of over 1,000 dog parents on "pup personality." What they found is doggone fascinating & it will make you bark. For instance...93% believe their dogs smile. 90% of dog parents believe their dogs worry, & 79% believe their dogs feel embarrassment. 66% of extroverted people (like myself) have extroverted dogs! 55% say their dog looks at them with loving eyes, while 52% say their dog senses when they are sad. For a FUN infographic that presents these finds & MORE, along with a "pup quiz" to determine your dog's personality type, check out the personality test. This is not only a Puffman Blog...it's a DOG BLOG! I'm not a dog parent these days, but I'm more than familiar WITH dogs, particularly SMALL puppies, because as we say in the swinging swirling world of the radio biz, "Wee paws for station identification."