Today, Wednesday, March 25th, is officially WAFFLE Day. In fact, the good ol' waffle is such a popular world-wide phenomenon that they merit 2 days in our calendar to celebrate them. Waffle Day began in Sweden as Vaffeldagen due to confusion between the Swedish "varfrudagen" meaning "Our Lady's Day" which falls on the same date. The day historically marks the beginning of spring & is celebrated by the eating of many waffles. The alternative Waffle Day began in our country & honors the anniversary of the patenting of the 1st U.S waffle iron invented by Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York, & is celebrated on the 24th of August. Whichever day is picked to honor it however, the waffle is certainly deserving of celebration. The remarkable dough-based gridded cakes can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, snack or dessert. & then there is that whole other business of the potato waffle, different but still delectable. I encourage you to take today to explore the variety that the world of the waffle has to offer you. Dive into American waffles topped with fried chicken or alternatively stacked & drenched in sugary maple syrup for breakfast; enjoy a Brussels or Liege Belgian waffle dusted with confectioner's sugar or coated in chocolate or cream, or travel east, & sample a soft & sweet Hong Kong waffle laced with the flavor of peanut butter or honey melon. I could waffle on forever...One thing that does tighten my jaws is the fact that I find it next to impossible to get a waffle around here in the Golden Triangle. They're next to impossible to find & when you do, they are usually "frozen" waffles heated up on the grill & they're still on the cold side when they serve them up to you. I've had it up to here with all the excuses: "We don't have waffles", our waffle iron is broken", "we ran out of waffles", etc. How's come you have to drive close to 100 miles to find a decent waffle! Like I say, my jaws ARE tight but they're never too tight to sink my store bought choppers into a good golden brown waffle with plenty of butter & maple syrup. Happy Waffle Day from the Puffman.