I'm not doing Puffman Musical Trivia this afternoon (Monday), but I would like to blog on a book I just received from Riverbend Publishing down in Helena. Talk about a great "Armchair" traveling adventure...the book's Jack Holterman's "Place Names of Glacier National Park." It's ALL here...the fascinating stories behind 663 geographic names in Glacier National Park AND Waterton Lakes National Park up in Alberta. From Adair Ridge to Zoo Cave, "Place Names of Glacier National Park" describes the history behind the names of mountains, rivers, lakes, glaciers, trails, & hundreds of other features in Glacier & Waterton Lakes national parks. BOTH English AND Native American names are explained. Fun, factual, & always fascinating, "Place Names of Glacier National Park" is a one-of-a-kind reference book & a travelogue that will enrich your experience of this wonderful place. By the way, who IS Grinnell of Grinnell Glacier, Falls, Point, & Lake & who's the woman of Bird Woman Falls? It's all in the book. Check it out from Riverbend Publishing at: www.riverbendpublishing.com (1 866 787 2363.) This would be a FUN & ideal stocking stuffer!