That's because the book I'll be giving away tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 7:30 on my Puffman sports trivia will be "5 Core Methods of Innovation!" This latest little gem from Sanjeev Sharma (not to be confused with the Knack's My Sharona) is an SPR Awards WINNER! Sanjeev Sharma shares that there are ONLY 5 main methods that have been used in almost any innovation. "5 Core Methods of Innovation" explains how these methods have been applied in products, processes & industries as wide ranging as finance, information technology, mechanical tools, consumer electronics & internet. The man's no dummy...he's taught Business Innovation at Fordham Business School back in New York, & draws on his 2 decades of experience working in finance, venture capital & technology roles in the USA & Asia. If that's not enough, he's accurately predicted the movement of the U.S. economy & stock market for the last 5 years at: Winter HAS arrived here in our Golden Triangle & I've come up with an "innovating" sports trivia question pertaining to HOCKEY for Saturday morning's Puffman Innovating Sports Trivia where the WINNING & innovating is only beginning!