We'll find out this afternoon (Monday) on the Puffman Show when Palliative Medicine Consultant & Professor of Humanism in Medicine & Professor of Oncology at the world famous Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Dr. Edward T. Creagan, M.D. is my special guest at 4:40.. Dr. Creagan the author of "How NOT to Be My Patient," & also "The Mayo Clinic Plan For Healthy Aging: How To Find Happiness And Vitality As You Age." Dr. Creagan will be sharing his "8 Commandments for Living Long & Living Well" this afternoon. Me? I'm about half way there as far as the "Living LONG" part of the equation. I've read both  books & trust me, they're not only great reads but very worth well reads for sure. It may be Labor Day but the Doctor IS in! See you later this afternoon with Dr. Ed. By the way, be sure & catch "The Mayo Clinic Health Minute" every evening during our Action Packed 5 O'clock News Hour on KSEN AM/K 96 FM.