Talk about getting back "to your roots" & you're talking the Tree & Lawn Care Workshop that's going on today (Friday) in our Golden Triangle. There'll be 2 sessions...1 this morning from 9 to 11 o'clock over at the Glacier County Courthouse Annex in Cut Bank, & 1 this afternoon from noon until 2 at Marias River Electric in Shelby. You're never too old to learn & there's always something new under the sun to learn as far as tree & lawn care goes. Me? I've been told that I have something of a "green thumb" myself a time or 2 when I've been called a "BLOOMING idiot!" The Tree & Lawn Care Workshop is happening & it's all good, it's today, & EVERYONE is welcome!. For details, contact your extension office(s) or better yet, show up this morning in Cut Bank or this afternoon in Shelby or both!