Our 4 legged friends might not have to cower under the bed this July 4th & it's all thanks to the 1st prescription medicine for treating anxiety over loud noises. Talk about "Big Pharma!" Veterinary medicine maker Zoetis of New Jersey, says recently approved "Sileo" will be available through veterinarians within the week! It gives dog owners an alternative to human anti-anxiety pills, tranquilizers that sedate dogs for many hours & generally unsuccessful behavioral treatments. They're supposed to work for thunder storms too. Owners of 1/3 of the 70 million dogs in our country report problems with fear of loud noises. Dogs are sometime so scared that they jump through windows or run out into traffic, getting hit by cars. Sounds like a plan to me...I may try & get a hold of some of those pills myself for the times I'm forced to listen a Phil Collins tune!