During his 84 years, 1 man has lived as Frank Dryman, Victor Houston & Frank Valentine. To Dr. Clem Pellett; DDS, Dryman (his real name) is the man who murdered his grandfather here in Shelby back in 1951, & forever changed life for him & members of the entire Pellett family. Thanks to Dr. Pellett's research & the help of a private investigative team, Montana's longest running fugitive was captured in March of 2010. It's a riveting story & this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:30, Dr. Pellett will be stopping by the Puffman Show to share his story with our listeners. His presentation, "Montana Justice" focuses on the affirmation of family & belongings & his book, "Dastardly" is based on his actual research in the Dryman case & what Pellett discovered during his investigation. Dr. Pellett is bringing along his friend, Fred Fontana, a seasoned veteran of the film business primarily known for his producing & writing background. THIS will probably be the ONLY time in the 18 year history of the Puffman Show that I have had TWO people in the studio more important than I am! I'm also going to grab the flashlight out of our back engineering room here at the radiator station & have Dr. Pellett take a look into my mouth...I have an upper cuspid that been aching me for some time. See you later this afternoon with both the Dentist/Crime Solver & the famous Hollywood producer on the Puffman Show at 4:30.