Going-to-the-Sun Eggs, Huckleberry Vinaigrette, Flathead Cherry Cobbler, & Big Mountain Pancakes...that's what Grandpa Jones from Hee Haw would have been having, had he read Betsy Cox's cookbook, "Good Montana Morning: Recipes from Good Medicine Lodge in Whitefish, Montana." After years of requests from guests asking her to write a cookbook, Betsy Cox, owner of Good Medicine Lodge in Whitefish has done just that! This fantastic book is a wonderful coffee table presentation from Sweetgrassbooks a division of Farcountry Press. "Good Montana Morning; Recipes from Good Medicine Lodge in Whitefish, Montana" features some 104 of the bed-and-breakfast's signature recipes. Cox coos, "It is our daily pleasure to plan, prepare, & present a breakfast that will first delight the eyes & then the palate. That is our wish for this book as well." It's ONE beautiful presentation for sure & it's available NOW at area bookstores & gift shops, through online retailers, or from distributor Farcountry Press at: www.farcountrypress.com. 1 800 821 3874. I'm even going to be adding it to the library of Puffman's All Night Diner on Wide Open Country K 96!