I'll be headin' OFF the trail tomorrow (Saturday) morning on Puffman Sports Trivia. I have an ADVANCE REVIEW COPY of the book, "Off the Beaten Trail; A Young Man's Soul-Searching Journey Through Central America," up for grabs. Jake Heibrunn's the author of this brave, beautiful book. NYT bestselling author Chris Guillebeau gushes, "The lessons of Jake's search, told here in "Off the Beaten Trail," can help you when you arrive at your next set of crossroads." I already came to my next set of crossroads when I was trying to come up with a sports trivia question for Saturday morning. I succeeded too. I knew in my heart however, that I would have victory here yet. I've put together a Puffman SPORTS Trivia on one of the most obnoxious men in major league baseball..ramling' gamblin'"Pug nose" Pet Rose. See you tomorrow morning at 7:30 for Puffman Sports Trivia. 1st caller in with the correct answer to my sports trivia question WINS Off the Beaten Trail." Check the book out at: www.jakeheilbrunn.com, & then listen to WIN!