Lifetime practitioner of yoga & meditation, Sanjay C. Patel is the author of "God is Real: The Stunning New Convergence of Science & Spirituality" & his book is up for grabs this afternoon (Monday) on Puffman Musical Trivia at 4:30. The acclaimed & respected scholar presents over 100 new PROOFS of God from the Bible, ancient yoga & modern science in this easy to read tome. I've put together a musical trivia question pertaining to a 70's musical artist who my friend, Gary Goodan, mentioned this morning on his zany birthday calendar. See you later this afternoon as the FUN continues on the Puffman Show & the 1st caller in with the correct answer, or at least something that sounds half way reasonable to me, WINS the book, "God is Real". Oh yeah, I didn't capitalize the word "is" in the title because that's how it is spelled out on the book. Sanjay's not the 1st person who's had problems with the word "is," look at Bill Clinton!