Fishing Rules!  That's why we'll be bringing you lots of fishing this week on Northwestern Outdoors Radio.

  • Wayne Heinz, author of the book "Depthfinders" shares the latest tech news about these fish finding machines and also gives some advice on making the most of the depthfinder you currently own.
  • We'll catch up with Lance Merz who gives us an on the water fishing report covering both walleye and kokanee in Central Washington.
  • Mack's Lure Pro-Guide Roger Rauch will tell you about walleye fishing near Portland this spring and summer.
  • We'll tell you what seasons Oregon has set for saltwater salmon and halibut.
  • We'll talk to Nello Picinich, Executive Director of the Coastal Conservation Association in Washington, about the frustrating lack of progress at setting any salmon seasons in Puget Sound as well as some promising news about steelhead hatchery smolt releases in this region.

Throw in some offbeat news, which includes a report of a woman caught petting a bison in Yellowstone National Park, and we've got an interesting show coming your way!   

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