Glacier Community Health Center has been in business for twelve years with 32 employees, they specialize in primary health care, mental health and dental services.

They offer health care to our patients including wellness visits (keeping you well), acute care (making you well) and chronic care (maintaining, so you feel well). They specialize in coordinating your care and treating the whole person.

On the medical side, they have three providers who can help - Marsha Atherton, MD; Clark Fultz, DO; Claire DeHaan, FNP. For mental health we have Deb O'Brien, MSLC and Dave Ketchell, M.ED, LCPC. For Dentistry - Randall Reasch, DDS and Jennifer Van Wagoner, DDS.

Glacier Community Health Center "Access to healthcare for everyone"

Ask to see if you qualify for our sliding fee discount program. Call us at 873-5670 for medical or mental health appointments or 873-5222 for dental appointments. Like them on Facebook