It's all about SUCCESS, & tomorrow (Saturday) morning around 7:30, up for grabs is the book, "The Physics of Success; Getting the Car You Want from the Universe You Live In." It's a somewhat long title but a relatively short book authored by Michael Ciarochi who has a resume almost as long as the title of his book. Michael began working as an engineer & surveyor in his home state of Alaska, where he worked on the design & construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline for years. He later became involved in mining & metallurgical plant design, working on mines from Sweden to the South Pacific. When computer-aided design became practical, he exploited his talent in that field as a consultant to assist engineering companies in making the successful transition from paper to electronic media. Subsequently he worked directly for large technology companies in service delivery to major global corporations, specializing in networks & information security. I might mention that just like Pennsylvania's infamous Noah, he was originally trained as a musician & still plays trumpet! If the book's as good as his resume, it should be a must read! Check out the book at:, & then listen to WIN about 7:30 Saturday morning on Puffman Sports Trivia. I've put together a BASEBALL sports trivia question pertaining to a 19th century writer for tomorrow morning. It's a HOME RUN!