It seems everyone wants to go country. Pop stars like Justin Timberlake and Kelly Clarkson have dabbled, but not yet fully committed to the format, while like Snoop Dogg and Nelly have even toyed with the style without releasing full albums. These country crossovers dove head first ... but maybe they shouldn't have.

Fans remember Jessica Simpson best, as her country album came less than a decade ago and was compared to a cat being tasered. We give her credit for trying, even if fans were less than supportive of her move from pop. Bon Jovi's country try without Jennifer Nettles felt less sincere than Simpson's, but was still better than our choice for worst acting crossover.

Metal stars and hair band frontmen have also tried to go country. We've even included one country star who did his best to go pop ... do you know who? The early '00s were a strange time in music.

Watch 6 Forgettable Country Crossovers and namedrop a few others we missed in the comments section below. Cyndi Lauper seems on the verge of joining this list, but it's too early to judge her country project. When you've finished, subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out more Unforgettable Country Videos every week.

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