Best to loosen up your belts this coming weekend. Diner's on the platters! The Sunburst Lutheran Church up in Sunburst will be holding their Harvest Dinner & Bazaar on Sunday afternoon from noon to 3. Down on the Fairfield Bench, St. Paul's Lutheran Church will be putting on their German Dinner & Bake Sale also from noon to 3. Don't worry about a thing...there'll be tickets available at the door. Now, that's what I call a "WIENERSCHNITZEL!" But wait...there's MORE! Down in Brady, the Brady Methodist Church will be serving a Turkey Dinner from 1 to 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the Brady Community Hall. Our Big Sky weather looks GREAT for Sunday too, with afternoon temperatures in the swingin' 60's!. Hope you can make at least 1 of these on Sunday if not all THREE! Me? I'm been eating my way to prosperity all my life!