Eric Church's video for 'Like Jesus Does' is one of the most simple and spare videos in recent memory. But what it lacks in visuals it makes up for in its heft. It's just Church, without his signature aviator shades, seated in front of a microphone, strumming away at his guitar. He's wearing a skull cap, but we can still see his eyes. It's a stark, black and white video, and the camera pans in tight.

It's super intimate and stripped of any excess production and pretense, allowing the weight of the music and the lyrics to fully sink in. All you can do is watch and listen as intently as Church plays.

In fact, it's like Eric Church is performing a private, intimate concert, just for you. He doesn't make eye contact with the camera; he is so focused on delivering the song as flawlessly as possible, and that's just what he does. The immediacy of the 'Like Jesus Does' video is almost too much. There's not much space between the viewer and the performer, so they remain interconnected throughout.

Overall, though, it's a pure way to experience music. There's no distractions or disruptions.

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