Kay Robertson, the matriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan, was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday night (June 22) after her dog Bobo tore a chunk out of her lip.

Robertson — known as Miss Kay — was resting at home as Phil and Jase Robertson pieced together the story for viewers of their Unashamed podcast. The elder Robertson recalls being stirred at night by his wife, who was hovering over the bed with a rag at her mouth, saying she needed to go to the hospital.

"I said, 'Move that rag a minute,'" Phil Robertson recalls. "She takes the rag off her face. And I'm looking at her top lip, was split in two, about a quarter of an inch."

"Her bottom lip, over on the right side, there was just a chuck gone. Bleeding profusely is an understatement," he says.

At the start of the episode (seen below), Jase admits he knew it was serious because there are very few things Phil will go to the emergency room for. This qualified.

As Phil slept, Miss Kay was preparing for bed, when she leaned down to give Bobo a kiss goodnight, not realizing the dog was sleeping. The dog instinctively snapped at her when he was disturbed, the family says. Fans of the reality show may remember Bobo, who was a frequent source of comedic relief. It seems as the dog has aged, his eyes have developed cataracts — something Phil and Jase Robertson say is due to his having been bitten by snakes. They call him a "killer," but only of mice and snakes. No one blames Bobo for what happened to Miss Kay.

"I said the old saying, 'Miss Kay, let a sleeping dog lie. You need to remember that,'" Phil Robertson says. He also shared what the family plans to do about their dog.

Kay Robertson is stitched up, but the wound is gnarly enough that she's planning to re-mask for several weeks. A tender part of their story is when the group of men talk about how Miss Kay said she now understands better what Mia Robertson went through. Mia is Jase Robertson's daughter, who underwent several surgeries to correct a cleft pallet.

As for Bobo, don't expect the Robetsons to be one dog short anytime soon.

"First thing she told Dad when she came in," Alan Robertson says, "She said 'I just want you to know that Bobo met me at the truck and he apologized.'"

Duck Dynasty aired for 11 seasons on A&E between 2012 and 2017. The family members have gone on to various business endeavors, including a new podcast.

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