A Wine AND Cheese Tasting will be taking place right out here in our Golden Triangle. This event is set to go tomorrow (Friday) night down at Norley Hall in Conrad from 6 to 8 o'clock with the Festival of Trees & an auction to follow. Tickets are available for $20. I'm no stranger to fine wine myself. In fact, I have a reputation around the area as a real wine connoisseur. I've included a picture of my self (The Puffman) here on my Puffman Blog on a recent night out enjoying some of the ol' bubbly itself. Never you mind who the older woman is!  One of my favorite wines is the same wine ol' Fred Sanford used to drink. Nothing goes better than a slice of good old American cheese washed down with a slug or 2 of Ripple. Hope to see you tomorrow night at Norely Hall in Conrad for some wine & cheese tasting...I'll be in a dark corner in the back of the room.