Country superstar Dolly Parton focused on faith with her 2019 CMA Awards performance. Parton supplied an uplifting medley that included her new track "Faith," an EDM-infused cover of a John Hiatt song created with Swedish duo Galantis and Dutch rapper Mr. Probz; Christian duo For King & Country took the stage alongside her to perform their collaboration "God Only Knows," and Christian artist Zach Williams also joined in for a rendition of "There Was Jesus."

The medley opened with Parton and For King & Country teaming up for a powerful rendition of "God Only Knows"; as the song ended, Parton thanked the duo, and then Zach Williams began singing "There Was Jesus," with Parton soon lending soaring harmonies. The medley concluded with "Faith," with Parton providing lead vocals over backup singers and a gospel choir repeating the chorus line, "Have a little faith in me." The performance had the audience on its feet and clapping its hands along with the beat. As the medley ended, Parton simply declared, "Praise God!"

The choice to focus on faith-based music at the 2019 CMA Awards was an intentional one for Parton, who hopes that her latest releases bring a positive feeling to fans. "This world is just so dark and ugly and awful. I can't believe how we just can't have a little more light and a little more love," Parton told The Boot and other press at a recent event.

"So I'm gonna try and make it my business to do more songs that are more uplifting," Parton added. "Not just all Christian-based songs, but songs that are just about better things, and have a little more light."

In 2019, Parton is co-hosting the CMA Awards alongside Reba McEntire and returning host Carrie Underwood. She has hosted the awards show in prior years, too.

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