The district 9C tournament will be held at Havre High School beginning Wednesday, . Brackets will be finalized on Monday and we'll know for sure how the conference has shaken out, but we already have a pretty good idea... Check it out after the jump.

Current standings for the 9C Boys look like this:


  1. CJI 12-1/13-3
  2. Box Elder  11-1/14-1
  3. Hays-Lodgepole  9-4/10-6
  4. Chinook  7-5/10-6
  5. North Star  5-7/9-7
  6. Fort Benton  4-8/4-12
  7. Turner 1-11/3-13
  8. Big Sandy  0-12/0-16

The Boys will get underway on Wednesday at 1pm in Havre.

Current standings for the 9C Girls look like this:


  1. Box Elder 12-0/15-0
  2. Chinook  10-2/14-2
  3. Fort Benton  9-2/12-4
  4. North Star 6-6/6-10
  5. CJI  6-7/7-9
  6. Turner 4-8/8/8
  7. Big Sandy 1-11/1-15
  8. Hays Lodgepole 1-12/1-15

The girls don't get started until Thursday at 11am.

We'll be posting the brackets once they're finalized and we'll be bringing you the CJI  games from Havre throughout the weekend.

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