The Glacier County Public Library is pleased to welcome acclaimed Celtic fingerstyle guitarist Jerry Barlow in concert this Thursday evening at the library. Barlow's warm, he's an accessible performer & storyteller AND he's joining me this afternoon (Tuesday) at 2:30 on the Puffman Show. Thursday night's program at the Glacier County Library is sponsored by the Friends of the Glacier County Library & is FREE to the community! I'm already looking forward to talking with Mr. Barlow this afternoon on the Puffman Show, & the way I have it figured, I already have a real "Ace in the hole," because I've done some research & learned how to correctly pronounce the word "Celtic." How was I to know that I mispronounced the word all my life! SHOWTIME is 7 o'clock SHARP Thursday night at the Glacier County Library as Jerry Barlow's unique & skillfully delivered repertoire will incorporate favorite traditional pieces as well as his own Celtic-inspired compositions. We'll find out more this afternoon at 2:30 with some "Celtic musical stuff with the 2 Jerry's...Jerry Barlow & Jerry Puffman. Ah, Celtic music, I kan't wait!