Montana’s premier cave advocacy group, the Northern Rocky Mountain Grotto, will be hosting the region’s first Cave Camp on October 14th – 16th.  Cave Camp 2016 is a multi-day event held at Camp Rotary in Monarch, Montana, near Great Falls, and will offer attendees the chance to learn basic to advanced caving techniques. Attendees can learn how to rappel, how to survey and map caves, and even participate in a hands on course on cave rescue! 

The U.S. Forest Service is leading a cave clean-up and restoration during the first day, and the Northern Rocky Mountain Grotto, University of Montana Cave ub, and the Bigfork High School Cave Club will be leading trips to over 10 local caves on Sunday October 16th. More than 80 explorers are expected to attend this exciting event.

REI and Cabela’s have donated a number of items for the Cave Camp silent auction with proceeds going towards sustainability and cave exploration.  Wildwood Brewing out of Stevensville and MAP Brewing from Bozeman are sponsoring the event and providing a selection of their craft beers.


Cave explorers are expected from all 4 corners of Montana, as well as Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and even Canada!


Media are encouraged to attend Cave Camp located at Camp Rotary on October 15th at 9:00 a.m. to participate in camp activities and on October 16th at 9:00 participate in caving adventures.

The camp is an excellent opportunity to educate the public about Montana’s hidden underground environment.


For more information, please Contact Taylor Woods or Ian Chechet at:

                Taylor Woods – 406-868-1155 or

                Ian Chechet – 406-860-7574