I've known some people who someway somehow can't get all the letters out of their mouths in the proper order. Last year, the good folks here in Shelby kept 81,128 pounds of recyclables out of our landfill. No doubt about it...that's making a real difference in our community, our country & our world. The Shelby Recycling Association has planned several upcoming events to support & encourage recycling here in Small Town, USA, & 1 of them is coming up THIS Friday. It's the Shelby Elementary Challenge-Let's Make a Mountain of Cans. This Friday morning, the students & staff of Shelby Elementary will be hauling their bags of crushed aluminum cans to school to build mountains of cans in the parking lot for each grade level. The grade with the LARGEST mountain of cans will receive a roller skating party compliments of the City of Shelby. I encourage you after you "go to the can" Friday morning, to bring some to school! The Shelby Recycling Association encourages everyone to continue to support "Recycle Shelby" & recycle card board & aluminum/tin at the Shelby Recycling site on the north end of Coyote Pass. As Mayor Larry Bonderud says, "Together we can...REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE."