In 2018, Brothers Osborne toured extensively with Dierks Bentley, but the country duo isn't anywhere close to being sick of the road -- quite the opposite, in fact. In November, John and TJ Osborne announced a lengthy headlining run for 2019, and the pair says that heading up the own bill will give them a fresh perspective.

"It's been a long time since we did our own headlining stuff," John Osborne explained to The Boot and other outlets at a recent press event. "You never really see the progress you've made until then."

This year in particular, "progress" is an understatement. In April, Brothers Osborne released their sophomore studio album, Port Saint Joe, so they're getting a chance to hit venues they haven't played since the record was brand new (or not even out yet), including spots in the UK. In November and December, the duo went back overseas, to play shows in England, Scotland and Wales.

"The last time we were over there, Port Saint Joe had been out for about three weeks," TJ Osborne recalls. "We didn't intend on doing this, because it was a new record, but we played the entire record almost every night. They wanted to hear every song.

"They go deep," he adds of the duo's UK audiences. "It doesn't have to be a single. It doesn't have to be a hit. They love it, and they go all in."

No matter where the show is, the Osbornes say that they can't wait to get back out onstage in a headlining capacity in 2019.

"That's the icing on the cake of this whole thing for us, is getting to play in front of our crowds -- and it doesn't matter the size of them when it's your own crowd. It's the most uplifting thing ever," says John Osborne. "That's what we do it for, to get in front of our fans and play our songs ... To hear them cheer and sing our songs back to us, it's like a drug. You can't get enough of it."

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