Brett Young and his wife Taylor welcomed their first child, a daughter named Presley, in late October. This Christmas season, the little girl will be just a couple of months old -- but Young says he and Taylor can't wait to create new traditions and look at the holiday from a different perspective in light of their new role as parents.

"[It's] so cool -- so cool to think about," Young gushed to The Boot and other outlets backstage at the taping of the 2019 CMA Country Christmas television special. At the time, Presley wasn't even born yet, but he was already thinking about the perfect Christmas presents to give his baby daughter.

"It feels like being on the other side of gift-giving for the first time, you know? You grow up and start giving gifts to your friends or people that you date, but when you first started, you were getting gifts from your parents," Young reflects. "And as a selfish little kid, you wake up and you're getting gifts every Christmas. You're sprinting out of your room to, like, slide in front of the tree to see what your name's on."

Presley will be too small this year to fully appreciate the meaning of the holiday, but nonetheless, her parents can't wait to shower her with presents. "We're excited. We're gonna buy her stuff she doesn't need, just because we're excited about it," Young adds with a laugh.

"I think just to be on the other end of [the gift-giving tradition], and to be able to share it with Taylor, we're both just really excited," he reflects.

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