Brett Eldredge is in full singer-songwriter mode for "Gabrielle," his first new radio single in 22 months. The piano-led vocal performance is a mix of Van Morrison and Billy Joel.

Lyrically, the '70s-esque, anthemic love song finds the 34-year-old Eldredge wondering, "What if?" He's looking back on a romance that never really rooted while casually admitting that he's to blame. This honesty comes with no self-depreciation, however — in fact, the buoyant new song from an upcoming album (see below) feels good on repeat. It's an odd duck compared to what we hear on the radio right now, but not an unwelcome left turn.

Vocally, Eldredge remains heavy in the mix, as he has on his four previous studio albums. He's positioned himself as a crooner, and "Gabrielle" only reinforces that image of him in a tuxedo on a small stage, in front of warm whiskey drinkers, mic cupped in hand with eyes closed. It's hard to question his personal attachment to the songs he sings, and he's a natural risk taker. Those attributes make him a compelling artist, if not always the most commercially successful artist.

Did You Know?: "Gabrielle" is Brett Eldredge's first song of the new Sunday Drive album, out July 10.

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Brett Eldredge's "Gabrielle" Lyrics:

I was caught up in your brown eyes / Looking up at the blue skies / Really made me realize they don’t make ‘em quite like you / Cinnamon skin in the sunshine / Stop time in the moonlight / Really make me feel like, like I could fall for you / One day you were just gone / And I’ve been wondering for so long.

Was it your heart or mine / Was it just the wrong time / Gabrielle / We never got very far / But girl, wherever you are / I wish you well / Gabrielle.

You were picking flowers on the side road / Leaning back on a fence post / Couldn’t help but notice you were wanting something more / I was staring off in the distance / Blink twice and I missed it / Can we just rewind it / Like it was before / I woke up and you were gone / And I’ve been wondering for so long.

Repeat Chorus

And the months, they fly by / Till you land back home again / And do ever wonder / What we might have been.

I can still see you standing there / Sun shining behind your dress / Your silhouette / So perfect, take me back there / Take me back there, take me back there.

Repeat Chorus

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