This from the Associated Press:

"UNDATED (AP) - Scammers already are trying to take advantage of the outpouring of compassion  following Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster. Let it be a warning for the charity-minded to be on the lookout for phony aid appeals. FBI spokeswoman Jenny Shearer says one fraudulent scheme involves an e-mail claiming to be from the British Red Cross and seeks donations via wire transfers. Legitimate charities don't make requests for wire transfers. There are a number of online resources to check out charities. Online: Better Business Bureau,; the Foundation Center,, a New York-based authority on philanthropy; or Charity Navigator, an independent nonprofit organization that evaluates charities based on effectiveness and financial stability."

We at K96 appreciate your willingness to financially aid the recovery efforts in Japan. Remember your local church probably has a fund to which you could donate, and the Red Cross is another sure bet.