06:00 MST Fri Jan 07 2022

The Flathead Avalanche Center in Hungry Horse has issued a BACKCOUNTRY AVALANCHE WARNING for areas on and below steep slopes at all elevations in the Whitefish Range, Swan Range, Flathead Range, and portions of Glacier National Park (Lake McDonald, Stevens Canyon, and Marias Pass). This warning will be in effect until 6am Saturday, January 7, 2022.

Heavy snowfall, warming temperatures, and powerful winds have created unstable slabs of new and drifted snow. Large and very large avalanches are likely. These can fail spontaneously or under the weight of a person or snowmachine.

Widespread areas of unstable snow have made backcountry travel very dangerous. Avalanches on small slopes may produce enough debris to bury or injure a person. Avalanches in larger paths may run long distances and can run into mature forests, valley floors, or flat terrain.

Avoid travel on or below steep slopes at all elevations.

Consult http://www.flatheadavalanche.org/ or www.avalanche.org for more detailed information.

Similar avalanche danger may exist at locations outside the coverage area of this or any avalanche center.


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