KSEN/K96—Bozeman Trophy athletes of the week are both North Toole County/Sunburst Refiners who were outstanding-plus at last weeks’ 10c district track and field meet. Male athlete of the week honors go to senior Jaden Koon who had to make some hard choices this week.  Do I finish up play at the state golf meet which he qualified for, or do I leave the tournament and head for the class c divisional track meet in which he qualified in three events. Koon not only qualified but won all three of those events at last week’s district. First placed in the grueling 800m, 1600m and the 3200 meter.  He also set a personal best mark in all three races which were run on the same day. Jaden, who was also an athlete of the week in x-country last fall and a top-notch football player, chose the divisional track meet and was in Great Falls competing wed.

Our female athlete of the week, scored almost half of the Refiner’s total points that led them to a 2nd place team finish in the district meet.  Just a freshman, Claire Bucklin won both the 100m and 300m hurdles setting a personal best in that 300.   That could have been enough for most but, she also picked up big points with a 2nd in the 100m, 2nd in the long jump and 2nd, with another person record in the triple jump.

Congratulations to our KSEN/K96—Bozeman Trophy athletes of the week, senior. Jaden Koon of Sunburst and freshman Claire Bucklin of Sunburst.  The athlete of the week is sponsored locally by McDonald’s in Cut Bank. McDonald’s honors our athletes with two free value meals each.

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