"Who I Am" and "Ode to Billie Joe" are songs we all know the words to — we've sung along to them on more than one occasion — they were huge hits! But what ever happened to Jessica Andrews and Bobbie Gentry?

You'll often find us reminiscing over some of our favorite artists who took a break from music, whether to start a family, solely write songs ... or just plain vanish(?!). What happened to Cole Deggs and the Lonesome after "I Got More"? What's Cyndi Thompson been up since switching gears from artist to songwriter? Remember Chad Brock and Restless Heart? What are they up to these days? "Strawberry Wine" is one of the greatest country songs of all time ... where's Deana Carter?

Many are still active while a few others just retired, only to reappear once a year or every five years (we see you Cledus T. Judd). Where did Chris Cagle go? Is Barbara Mandrell still making music? Did Ricky Van Shelton die?

Those questions will be answered in this 'What Ever Happened to ... ?' Country Artists That Kinda Disappeared' gallery. Click through to relive the success of some of country's past greats.

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