That's Thomas Mitz, author of "The Last Supper" referring to the book that's up for grabs tomorrow (Saturday) morning on Puffman Sports Trivia. The book is, "The Mismatched Braid," a brand new novel by Weam Namou. There's quite a story on this woman...Weam was born as a minority Christian in Bagdad, Iraq, & came to America at age 10. After she received her Bachelor's from Wayne State University, she honed her novel writing skills by corresponding with various authors. She studied screenwriting in film school, poetry in Prague & the personality of other cultures through traveling. In fact, the woman is the author of SEVERAL books, a journalist, filmmaker & the president of the Iraqi Artists Association. I agree with Mr. Mitz...this IS a very good book indeed! The 1st caller in with the correct answer to my sports trivia question at 7:30 tomorrow morning on the Puffman Show WINS Weam's novel, "The Mismatched Braid". You'll be a "WEAM WINNER"! I've come up with a sports trivia question pertaining to a regal Egyptian hunting dog for Saturday morning. What next! It's the Puffman Show.