That's the memoir detailing ONE woman's courageous & honest battle with cancer & the corrupt healthcare system. Apryl Allen had everything going for her; Miss Arizona-USA, actress, singer, songwriter, author, composer, & 2-time award-winning musician. But in 2013, her life came to a screeching halt. Diagnosed with breast cancer, Allen was suddenly thrust into the terrifying alternate world of healthcare...forced to navigate the overwhelming labyrinth of specialists, treatments, & medical bills. But her story isn't about survival; nor is it an inspiring journey. The book is "A Tango With Cancer; My Perilous Dance with Healthcare & Healing." The book's available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, & other booksellers. Check her book out at: & then listen to WIN the book tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 7:30 on Puffman SPORTS Trivia. 1st person in with the correct answer to my "NBA Sports Trivia" question will be the WINNER! I'd love to read the book myself except I'm afraid she might die at the end & I can't take much more tragedy at this point in my life. It ain't easy being the Puffman when my middle name is "SPORTS."