Leo Pearlstein, the KING of Culinary Public Relations, after publishing his acclaimed book, "Celebrity Stew," will be joining me this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:30 on the Puffman Show. Leo's a longtime friend & no stranger to research. The man has searched through his cherished recipe files to put together this top-level cookbook, "Recipes of the Stars: Eating Like Hollywood Royalty," that I'll be giving away this afternoon right after my interview with the Great Leo. ALL the stars are in the book as they share their favorite recipes including appetizers, side dishes, entrees & desserts. I'm jacking my jaws about stars like Bob Hope, Wayne Newton, Mikey Rooney, Jill St. John,Phyllis Diller,Tony Randall, Dinah Shore, Jonathan Winters, Karen Valentine, Connie Stevens, Dennis Weaver, Lorne Greene, Sid Caesar, Karen Valentine, & Bill Cosby, although I suspect in Cosby's case, his favorite recipe may be bread & water and/or "Food Loaf" anytime soon! See you later today with some "Food Stuff with Puff".