Project part of $50 Million in repairs to be done to address aging wildlife refuge and fish hatchery infrastructure


WASHINGTON— U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke today announced $497,000 in funding approved for critical U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service infrastructure in Montana. $179,000 will go to replace irrigation laterals in Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge. $170,000 will go to replace the Public Use Boat Dock and repair the Public Use Boat Launch and Public Use Accessible Trail in Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge. $87,000 will go to replace the public use toilet at River March Campground in Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. $61,000 will be used to repair the Public Use Observation Tower in Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge. This is part of $50 million going to a list of projects across the country to address dire maintenance and repair projects contributing to the $1.4 billion backlog facing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages 566 national wildlife refuges and 38 wetland management areas and operates national fish hatcheries, fish technology centers and fish health centers. The agency is responsible for over $46 billion in constructed real property assets that include over 25,000 structures (e.g., buildings and water management structures) as well as nearly 14,000 roads, bridges, and dams.

“The President is a builder, he loves to build and he loves our public lands, so it is a natural fit that the Trump Administration is dedicating so much attention to rebuilding our aging Fish and Wildlife Service infrastructure. ​These approved projects are more than just line items on an Excel spreadsheet. For many sportsmen and women, National Wildlife Refuges are the only opportunities they have to hunt or fish," said Secretary Zinke. "These projects have a tangible effect on a person’s experience when hunting, fishing or visiting a wildlife refuge. Today’s announcement is another step toward eliminating the $1.4 billion in maintenance facing our nation’s refuges and hatcheries. It’s another step toward prioritizing infrastructure because it is an investment that bolsters local economies. And it is another step in prioritizing access for all Americans to our public lands.”

Secretary Zinke has made tackling Interior’s deferred maintenance backlog one of his top priorities. In April, he signed a memorandum of understanding committing Interior to follow President Trump’s One Federal Decision framework for processing of environmental reviews and permits for major infrastructure projects. In March, Interior announced the Secretary’s partnership with Congress on a bipartisan bill to address rebuild and repair National Park Service infrastructure.

Approved Fiscal Year 2018 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service construction projects:

Unit NameProject TitleStateTotal
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge1002 Area Oil Exploration Readiness - Improvements to existing facilities and construction of outbuildings to support heightened levels of activity.AK4,000,000
Kenai National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Salamatof Public Access Boardwalk.AK950,000
Kodiak National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Deadman Bay Public Use Cabin.AK148,000
Kenai National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Bear Creek Public Access Trail.AK77,000
Kenai National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Salamatof Public Use Boat Ramp.AK230,000
Kenai National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Pollard Loop Public Access Trail.AK75,000
Kenai National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Doroshin Bay Public Use Cabin.AK50,000
Kenai National Wildlife RefugeRepair Drake Lake Public Access Trail.AK75,000
Togiak National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Togiak Public Use Cabin.AK127,000
Kodiak National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate North Frazer Public Use Cabin.AK52,000
Kenai National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Moose Creek Public Use Trail.AK77,000
Wheeler National Wildlife RefugeFacility Improvements to Increase Access and Management Capabilities.AL5,443,000
Felsenthal National Wildlife RefugeRepair Woodland Pond Public Access Trail.AR195,000
Norfork National Fish HatcheryRepair Raceway Drain Areas.AR650,000
Alchesay National Fish HatcheryRehabilitate Water Supply Pipelines: Install a Bank of Radial Flow Settlers for B-Bank Raceways, Rehabilitate Service Building 2.AZ25,000
Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife RefugeLevee and Water Control Structure Rehabilitation, Phase I of III.CA6,400,000
Humboldt Bay National Wildlife RefugeRepair Main Public Access Road.CA301,000
Modoc National Wildlife RefugeRepair Public Access Road.CA50,000
San Luis National Wildlife RefugeReplace Sousa Marsh Public Observation Platform.CA163,000
Tijuana Slough National Wildlife RefugeRepair Imperial Beach Blvd Public Use Observation Platform.CA91,000
Humboldt Bay National Wildlife RefugeReplace Hookton Slough Vault Toilet at Hunting Parking Lot.CA125,000
National Black-footed Ferret CenterPre-conditioning Pens and Facility Rehabilitation, Repair, and New Construction.CO3,588,000
Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife RefugeReplace Lake Ladora Public Restroom at Fishing Access Point.CO70,000
Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife RefugeReplace Lake Mary Public Access Floating Boardwalk.CO616,000
Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife RefugeReplace Mary Lake Fishing Pier.CO65,000
Lower Suwannee National Wildlife RefugeRepair Dixie Mainline Public Access Road.FL107,000
Savannah National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Route #300 Public Access Road.GA168,000
Port Louisa National Wildlife RefugeRepair Keithsburg Boat Landing Parking Lot.IA126,000
Bear Lake National Wildlife RefugeRepair Bear Lake Public Use Road.ID95,000
Cypress Creek National Wildlife RefugeRepair Bellrose Levee on Big Creek Road.IL204,000
Big Oaks National Wildlife RefugeReplace Falling Timber Public Access Bridge, Shape Charge Road.IN673,000
Flint Hills National Wildlife RefugeRepair Public Parking Areas and Kiosk.KS105,000
Parker River National Wildlife RefugeReplace Public Access Boardwalk Trail.MA382,000
North Attleboro National Fish HatcheryReplace Flow Meters.MA31,000
Rachel Carson National Wildlife RefugeReplace Spurwink Public Fishing Pier.ME294,000
Pendills Creek and Sullivan Creek National Fish HatcheryEffluent Treatment System Modernization.MI1,970,006
Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge-Winona DistrictRehabilitate Winona Public Fishing and Boating Facilities.MN117,000
Rydell National Wildlife RefugeReplace Public Use Observation Deck.MN375,000
Fergus Falls WMDReplace Stony Brook Waterfowl Production Area Water Control Structure.MN77,000
Hillside National Wildlife RefugeRepair Tipton Bayou Public Use Trail Culverts.MS67,000
St Catherine Creek National Wildlife RefugeReplace Armstrong Ditch Public Access Bridge.MS447,000
Bowdoin National Wildlife RefugeReplace Public Use Boat Dock and Repair Public Use Boat Launch.MT114,000
Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife RefugeReplace Public Use Toilet at River March Campground.MT87,000
Bowdoin National Wildlife RefugeRepair Public Use Accessible Trail.MT56,000
Medicine Lake National Wildlife RefugeRepair Public Use Observation Tower.MT61,000
Lee Metcalf National Wildlife RefugeReplace Irrigation Laterals.MT179,000
Edenton National Fish HatcheryReplace Cement Catch Basins, Rehabilitate Shad Spawning Building.NC956,000
Arrowwood National Wildlife RefugeReplace West Arrowwood Coulee Lake Public Access Trail.ND194,000
J Clark Salyer National Wildlife RefugeReplace 3 Public Use Pit Toilets.ND166,000
Audubon National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Wetland Learning Site Public Access Trail.ND307,000
J Clark Salyer National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Public Picnic Area and Access Trail.ND40,000
Garrison Dam National Fish HatcheryReplace Sturgeon Building.ND100,000
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife RefugeReplace Public Restroom at Headquarters Facility.NM180,000
Bitter Lake National Wildlife RefugeRepair Public Access Trail Route #303.NM164,000
Southwestern Native Aquatic Resources and Recovery CenterRepair Well 3 and Generator.NM18,000
Lahontan National Fish HatcheryWater Re-use and Well System Modernization.NV3,500,000
Stillwater National Wildlife RefugeRepair Stillwater Point Reservoir Public Use Observation Platform.NV160,000
Wichita Mountains Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Public Access Road, West Gate.OK80,000
Wichita Mountains Wildlife RefugeRepair Public Access Bridges, Headquarters Entrance and Blue Beaver Creek.OK76,000
Ozark Plateau National Wildlife RefugeReplace Public use Pavilion on Looney Tract.OK84,000
Little River National Wildlife RefugeRepair Black Creek Public Access Road and Parking.OK173,000
Tishomingo National Wildlife RefugeRepair Public Access Parking and Observation Tower, Route #103.OK125,000
Deep Fork National Wildlife RefugeReplace Public Access Boardwalk, Cussetah Bottoms.OK282,000
Wichita Mountains Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Public Access Road, Route #011.OK282,000
Salt Plains National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Sand Creek Fishing Access Road.OK245,000
Deep Fork National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Montezuma Creek Public Access Road and Construct Parking Area.OK64,000
Deep Fork National Wildlife RefugeRepair Public Access Road.OK192,000
Tishomingo National Fish HatcheryRehabilitate Oklahoma Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office Building.OK191,000
Wapato Lake National Wildlife RefugeReplace Pump House Public Access Bridge.OR1,397,000
Wapato Lake National Wildlife RefugeReplace Gaston Public Access Bridge.OR577,000
Eagle Creek National Fish HatcheryReplace Sand Filter, Remove Pollution Abatement Pond Sediment Load.OR176,000
John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at TinicumRehabilitate Public Access Trail.PA160,000
Laguna Cartagena National Wildlife RefugeReplace Northeast Canal Public Access Bridge.PR550,000
Bears Bluff National Fish HatcheryRehabilitate Drainage Canal, Rehabilitate Pond #3.SC317,000
Lake Andes National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Outdoor Recreational Infrastructure.SD98,000
Waubay National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Public Use Shelter.SD75,000
Gavins Point National Fish HatcheryReplace Fish Pond Liners (2 of 35 Ponds).SD424,000
Hagerman National Wildlife RefugeRepair Sandy Point Public Access Road.TX109,000
Muleshoe National Wildlife RefugeRehabilitate Public Campground and Picnic Area.TX86,000
Uvalde National Fish HatcheryRepair Spurgeon Well.TX30,000
Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife RefugeRepair Public Access Trail.VA647,000
Dwight D Eisenhower National Fish HatcheryRehabilitate Water Treatment System.VT513,000
Carson National Fish HatcheryRepair Adult Fish Holding Pond Surface.WA395,000
Quilcene National Fish HatcheryRepair Raceway Decks C and D with Epoxy, Rehabilitate Production Raceway Covers on D Deck.WA422,000
Abernathy Fish Technology CenterReplace Inclined Screens.WA61,000
Canaan Valley National Wildlife RefugeVisitor Center and Administrative Building.WV7,000,000
 Total, Line Item Construction Projects 50,000,000

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