For kids, Halloween is awesome. You get to dress up in cool costumes and there's free candy everywhere. But once you get past the acceptable trick-or-treating age, you start to realize that in the middle of all that free candy, there was a whole lot of #struggle going on.

From homemade costumes to bad discount-store candy, it's clear that some parents may not have taken Halloween quite as seriously as the kids. So was your childhood Halloween actually a #StruggleWeen? Check out our list and let us know.

29 Signs Your Halloween Was Actually a #StruggleWeen:

  1. If you ever had to wear a hand-me-down costume.
  2. If the majority of your neighborhood handed out the same orange and black unidentifiable candy.
  3. If you didn’t get the costume in the store because your mom insisted she could make it at home.
  4. If your Halloween "mask" was attached with two staples and a white rubber band.
  5. If you ever had to drive to a different neighborhood to trick-or-treat.
  6. If your costume was actually one of your older sibling's uniforms for some other activity.
  7. If nobody really knew what your costume was.
  8. If your parents ever confiscated part of your trick-or-treat candy because they said it was "unhealthy" but you always saw them eating it later.
  9. If you ever used ketchup as fake blood.
  10. If part of your costume ever gave you a suspicious rash.
  11. If your costume didn’t allow you full movement.
  12. If any part of your costume was hot glued.
  13. If your costume consisted of one of your old shirts turned inside out and a Sharpie drawing.
  14. If you ever got handed pecans or fruit while trick-or-treating.
  15. If you ever got robbed for your candy, specifically by your brother and his friends.
  16. If you were ever grounded during Halloween while everyone else went trick-or-treating.
  17. If you ever had to wear a costume you wore a previous year, and everyone at school noticed.
  18. If the plastic strap on your jack-o-lantern candy bucket broke and your candy spilled everywhere.
  19. If your costume came with an explanation.
  20. If you ever had to carry the majority of your costume home.
  21. If you were ever given pennies or loose change while trick-or-treating.
  22. If your awesome costume was ruined because your lame, dirty tennis shoes showed at the bottom.
  23. If you needed help getting in or out of your costume.
  24. If your costume was purchased at the same place your mom bought groceries for the week.
  25. If you ever carried a cardboard sword, a trashcan shield, or wore a milk jug helmet.
  26. If you ever had to use a pillow case or a grocery bag to carry your trick-or-treat candy.
  27. If you ever trick-or-treated off-road, behind a tractor - or both.
  28. If your costume was actually a combination of salvaged parts from other costumes.
  29. If you were ever denied candy because they said you were "too old."