Ryan Rauscher is a wildlife biologists with the Montana Dept of Fish, Wildlife & Parks, based in Conrad and serving the Golden Triangle. Ran has released the following report for hunters and others interested in the status of the elk population in our area:


Below  are summarized elk harvest data for Hunting Districts 401, 415 and 441.  These harvest data include both the archery and general season harvest.  Elk harvest data was delayed because of elk shoulder seasons in central Montana last season.  There are no shoulder seasons in 401, 415, or 441.  More information can be found HERE.
Hunting District 401: Sweetgrass Hills
For the 2015 season,  hunters reported harvesting an estimated 168 total elk: 34 bulls, 126 cows, and 9 calves.  This is the highest estimated elk harvest ever recorded, and is 38% above the 2014 harvest.  An estimated  541 hunters spent 2711 hunter days averaging 5 days per hunter.   This is 18% above the previous season in 2014.  Progress continues moving this elk population toward objective.
Hunting District 415:  Summit – North Fork Birch Creek
For the 2015 season,  hunters reported harvesting an estimated 29 total elk: 21 bulls, 9 cows, and no calves.  This is the 26% above the long-term average of 23 elk harvested.  An estimated  187 hunters spent 1217 hunter days averaging 6.5 days per hunter.   This is  roughly 5%  below the long term average.
Hunting District 441: North Fork Birch Creek - Teton
For the 2015 season,  hunters reported harvesting an estimated 100 total elk:  26 bulls, 62 cows, and 12 calves.  This is  roughly 5%  below the long term average and only slightly above the 10 year average of 95 harvested elk.  An estimated 499 hunters spent 3978 hunter days averaging 8 days per hunter.   The number of hunters is 3% above the 10 year average. 
If you have questions for Ryan, contact him here:
Ryan L. Rauscher
Wildlife Biologist
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
514 South Front Street, Ste C
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Office: (406) 271-7033